About symbiosys

Our gut is the home of a rich community of micro-organisms that are tiny, but definitely mighty. Preserving the richness of this community, known as gut microbiota, is essential to support our well-being. We all know that if we feel good, we feel like we are more powerful. So, looking after your gut microbiota could make a huge difference to you and how you live your life.

SYMBIOSYS is a new range of microbiota formulations that is designed to harness the unexplored potential of your gut, helping to maintain well-being at every stage of life. Each SYMBIOSYS product is based on high-quality research and contains scientifically tested ingredients and precisely selected strains.


For your inner balance

Discover how SYMBIOSYS can support inner balance at each stage of life, with products suitable for adults, children and babies. Each product contains precisely selected strains that complement a healthy lifestyle, balanced and varied diet.

For your immune defences

Find out how SYMBIOSYS can support immune defences in adults and children during whole winter season. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system in children. SYMBIOSYS Defencia products are a combination of precisely selected strains and vitamins.

For your urinary balance

See how SYMBIOSYS can support adult urinary balance due to its unique formula combining precisely selected strains and cranberry.